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Season 7 Episode 5 Review: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Forges New Alliances On The Way To ‘Eastwatch’


After an abrupt opening that revealed the “Will Jaime drown?” cliffhanger for the schmuckbait it was — Bronn not only saves him, but they even manage to get to the other side of the water to evade capture by Dany’s forces — “Eastwatch” dug deep into Westerosi lore to show various factions coming together or being chiseled apart. We bounce from alliance to alliance, schism to schism, until a memorable climax where a Magnificent Seven-style coalition of mismatched warriors — two bastards (or are they both?) with king’s blood, multiple men who have been resurrected, a Wildling, a disgraced ex-knight, a sorcerer, and the flippin’ Hound — marching out into the snow for a suicide mission to capture a zombie for the sole purpose of forming a coalition with a woman who wants them all dead.

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