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Season 7 Finale: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Has To Change For Its Final Season

As for the Night King using Viserion’s blue flame to bring down a chunk of the Wall for his army to finally enter Westeros proper, it was like much of the previous episode: huge in scale (albeit with weaker execution; the visual effects were much better in “Beyond the Wall”), head-scratching in terms of the story. Given what we know about the magical properties of the Wall, what was the Night King’s plan going to be if Dany hadn’t inadvertently gifted him a dragon? He has spent years wandering around wildling country, seemingly with no agenda beyond gathering up more undead soldiers, as if he — like the writers of the show he is on — knew that he had to eventually get past the Wall but wasn’t really sure how to make that happen, and in no hurry until the right tool presented itself.

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