10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Rapturous 'Sons of Anarchy'

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11.21.12 257 Comments

Look: I can’t beat up on a show every single week just for the sake of beating it up. At this point, most of us have come to recognize the many, many flaws in Sons of Anarchy, and we’re still here. Why? Because with the exception of season three, Sons of Anarchy has always been fun to watch. We’re invested in the characters, and they’re like the members of our family who are often annoying, do ridiculously dumb things, and murder each other during Thanksgiving dinner. But hey! They’re still family, right?

One quick announcement: Thanks everyone for commenting and sharing, and being all-around brilliant members of the Uproxx community and especially these discussion posts. The Sons of Anarchy T-shirts have officially all been claimed. A huge thank you to the Jarret Myer and the Uproxx Overlords for making those happen. Hopefully, we can do it again with another show soon.

1. Tara Accepts the Job Offer in Providence — I thought at the end of last season, when Tara stood behind Jax at the head of the table looking all menacing and “I’m the Queen of the Old Ladies Now, Bitch” that this season would concentrate heavily on the Tara/Gemma rivalry, and that any question of Tara and Jax leaving Charming would be put to rest. The decision to accept the job — before getting the OK from Jax — is a recycled plot line, and we all know it’s going nowhere because there’s three huge obstacles likely to derail a move to Providence: 1) Jax, who clearly isn’t ready to leave yet; 2) the potential conspiracy charge hanging over her head, and 3) …

2. DONAL MOTHERF**KING LOGUE — It was AWESOME to see Logue again, and beating the bloody snot out of Otto was a fun way to introduce him. What’s his role? In the episode, he’s played up as a bit of a mystery character whose motivations are so far unknown. But — and I guess this is a SPOILER if you don’t follow Sons of Anarchy news — his character was identified when Logue was cast as U.S. Marshal Lee Toric. The woman that Otto killed with the crucifix given to him by Tara was Nurse Toric. The woman could be Lee Toric’s wife, but since Nurse Toric was played by Logue’s real-life sister, Karina Logue, it’s likely that she is also the character’s sister. Mystery solved. Lee Toric plans to make Otto’s life a living hell for the next few months, as as a US Marshall, he was some authority to do that. It looks like (and this is the #3 above) that he also has an eye toward making Tara’s life miserable, too.

3. Unser is in Chemo — Really? He’s finally getting chemo treatment. AFTER 5 SEASONS? After he was at death’s door five years ago. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? HOW CONVENIENT. I’m sure that his chemo will work itself into a major plot turn, but last night, it was used as a means for Tara and Unser to bond, although I thought it was odd that Tara expressed so much fondness for Unser. I’m sure over the course of five season that the two have shared a few scenes, but I have no recollection of the two characters ever being close, so that all seemed very out-of-place. Anyway, the bonding moment provided Tara the impetus for accepting the surgeon’s job.

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