101 Halloween Corgis

10.28.11 5 years ago 26 Comments

Halloween is a special time for Corgi Friday. That was evident when I did not one but two posts of corgis in Halloween costumes last year. I have seen and collected more pictures of corgis in costumes over the last year and a half than most humans will in a lifetime.

And yet, people still think that they can compete with Corgi Friday or somehow tip me off to corgis I haven’t seen. Earlier this week, BuzzFeed posted 90 corgis in costumes, and people rushed to send me the link over Twitter and email. Now, BuzzFeed is a great site, and their corgi post was pretty good. You should check it out if you haven’t seen it. But it also had at least 15 photos of corgi costumes that have already been featured on Corgi Friday, including longtime Internet staples like Lobster Dog and Business Corgi. I mean, that’s just insulting to the corgi fan who expects something fresh.

So, because I care about YOU, the reader, here are one hundred and one photos of corgis in Halloween costumes that have never been featured on Warming Glow before, because I will only ever give you ALL NEW FRESH CORGIS EVERY WEEK. Happy Halloween!

2. Star Trek Enterprise

Because I like to raise the stakes, I didn’t want to use any of the photos that BuzzFeed dug up on Tumblr. The one exception is USS Corgiprise here. BuzzFeed found a smaller version via Corgi Addict; I found the original hi-res photo on MyCorgi.

Again, I can’t stress this enough, people: don’t try to compete with my corgi-finding skills.

3. Witch

4. Robin Hood

5. Banana Split

6. Devil Dog

7. Witch? Princess? Fairy?

8. Hasidic Witch?

I really wish that was a Star of David.

9. Mickey Mouse

10. Cowboy.

11. Banana, Bee

There are a LOT of corgis in bee costumes on the internet. You’ll see more of them before this is over.

12. Skunk.

Same with skunks. Lots of corgis in skunk costumes.

13. Snow White

14. Panda

15. Nerd

16. Squirrel

17. Satan

18. Skunk

19. Cheerleader

What a slut.

20. Thing 1 & Thing 2

Page 2

21. Doctor, Banana (plus wiener inmate)

22. Zombie!

23. Witches

24. Dinosaur.

25. Outlaw, Cop

Oh man, “K-9 Unit”? I love this.

26. Atreyu and Falcor

27. Fairy

28. Turtle

29. Generic Halloween Costumes.

30. Super Dog!

31. Pumpkin

32. Angel

33. Lobster

34. Ummm… Soccer Mom?

35. Burro

36. Alligator

37. Ladybug

38. Sports Fan.


Hey, this dog is in sequins. It doesn’t need to be anything else.

Page 3

40. Harry Paw-ter

41. Luna Lovegood

42. Harry & Luna.

I loved them so much individually that I HAD to include the picture of them together.

43. Cow

44. Snow White

This Snow White is prettier than the first Snow White. I think it’s the bow that does it.

45. Captain Jack Sparrow

Needs more eyeliner.

46. Cop

47. Autumn Jesters

48. Flower

49. Ballerina?

50. Spirit of Halloween

51. Mail Puppy

52. Hot Dog with Mustard

53. Hot Dog with Ketchup

54. Hot Dog with Everything

55. Kitty

56. Happy Bee


57. Corgi Bus

(via Dog Portraits by Winnie)

58. Scotsman

59. Old-timey Gangster

“Myah, gimme all your treats, see?”

60. Princess, Surfer Dude

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