12 Steps to Making the Next Season of 'The Office' More Watchable

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05.08.12 41 Comments

1. Reset Dunder Mifflin Under the Old Management — The one great thing about last week’s episode is that this appears to be the end-game: The old CEO of Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace, is set to buy out the company, using Andy’s poached client as leverage. This will effectively give David Wallace his old job back, and dispose of the misguided Robert California experiment.

2. Get Rid of Nellie — The amount of damage that Nellie has done to “The Office” this season is immeasurable. It’s not enough that she’s simply written out of the show; she needs to suffer a horrible, hilarious work-place related harm, the lawsuit of which will bankrupt Robert California, making it even easier for David Wallace to take over Dunder Mifflin again.

3. Write Out Andy and Erin — They’ve had a few moments, but their character arcs have been exhausted to the point of tedium. There was never enough lead-character appeal in either of them to make them the romantic centerpiece of the show, so there was little suspense in their will they/won’t they relationship. A happy send off is fine, just as long as they’re sent off for good.

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