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By 06.15.10

That's the only way you can get Fatcat to climb anything, LOL!

The Funny Or Die video below has been floating around for a week or two, but every time I’ve seen it and wanted to post it I was too busy with more pressing stories, or distracted by cute dog pictures, or some other excuse that I don’t feel like making up. The point is, someone took “Breaking Bad,” gave it crappy sitcom music and a laugh track, and voilĂ ! It’s part of ABC’s new comedy lineup!

Actually, of the video’s four minutes, only the first two or so really work before “Breaking Bad’s” inherent tension overpowers the laugh track, but up to that point it’s remarkably well done. Bryan Cranston hasn’t been this zany since “Malcolm in the Middle”! And say what you will about laugh tracks, at least this looks better than “Hank.”


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