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By 08.31.10

As promised, ABC revealed the cast of the new season of “Dancing with the Stars,” and this is the sort of thing I have to write about even though I don’t watch the show. So let’s just get this over with.

  • Previously revealed: Bristol Palin, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, David Hasselhoff, Brandy.
  • Token old person: Florence Henderson.
  • The Kelly Monaco Memorial Hot Chick Whose Body Gets More Ridiculous From Dancing 10 Hours a Day: Audrina Patridge.
  • Overweight comic relief: Margaret Cho.
  • Singer that middle-aged housewives adore: Michael Bolton.
  • Doing it because his girlfriend Eliza Dushku likes the show: Rick Fox.
  • Token ABC/Disney cross-promotion: Disney Channel star Kyle Massey.
  • Jock: Kurt Warner.
  • Not getting put in the corner: Jennifer Grey.

Awww, now I’m sad about Patrick Swayze dying all over again.

In other dancing news, lots of people are losing their minds over the footage of a dog doing a choreographed merengue (see video below). But it’s just Warming Glow’s beloved Mambo Dog in a different outfit (see this post from last November). I keep telling you people: I SEE ALL DOGS ON THE INTERNET. This blog is Ground Zero for dogs doing cool things. It’s barely about television any more. I regret nothing.


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