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This Panda Will Fight You

By 09.21.10

This is a delight. In this collection of commercials for Panda Cheese — a product of Egypt — people who say no to Panda Cheese learn that the decision comes with repercussions. Specifically, an assh*le panda shows up and ruins their day. The execution is pitch-perfect — the direction, the creepiness of the panda, the dissonance between the violence and Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways” — I award this ad campaign five panda attacks (out of five) for a perfect score of PANDAMONIUM!

Seriously, this is the best video to come out of the Middle East since… uh, since… there’s no way I can finish that joke without mentioning terrorism, is there?

(thanks to Rob at Topless Robot for the tip, video also at boing boing)


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