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‘Mad Men’ Finale: WHAAAA???

By 10.18.10

I’m not one to waste my time writing episode recaps, but today everyone is talking about last night’s finale of Season 4 of “Mad Men,” which I’d sum up by furrowing my brow in confusion. As the A.V. Club stated in its recap:

Now that we’ve seen the big picture, [Season 4] almost seems designed to thwart expectations… It’s as if [showrunner] Matthew Weiner knows every rule of creating tense, dramatic story arcs and then willfully ignores them.

I won’t sully your Monday with spoilers, but you can check out solid recaps at the A.V. Club and New York Magazine. Feel free to talk about all the spoiler-y plot developments in the comments. Like CAN YOU BELIEVE DON DRAPER IS ACTUALLY GAY?!?!?! Ha ha, no, I’m just kidding. OR AM I?


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