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By 10.26.10

Over the first three seasons of “True Blood,” HBO has given us a world populated with sexy vampires, sexy werewolves, sexy shape-shifters, sexy telepaths, and sexy mythological demigods. So what new characters can we expect in Season 4? *crosses fingers* C’monnnnn SEXY ZOMBIES!

• Marnie is a Z-list palm reader who’s painfully aware of what a joke she is — that is, until she comes to be possessed by the spirit of a real witch.

• Andy’s sister, Portia, is as easy on the eyes as she is sharp in the courtroom. And, since I hear possible portrayers have to be cool with nude scenes, we’re gonna get an eyeful.

• Queen Mab is an elegant beauty who presides over a fantasy land that sounds a lot like the fairy domain into which Sookie (Anna Paquin) keeps being pulled.

• Suzanne McKittrick is a Real Housewives type who throws a hootenanny to bond with “her kind.”

• Naomi is an Asian-American cage fighter who, outside of the ring…er, cage…is hot-’n’-heavy with one of her female competitors. [via Tardface]

Awwww, no sexy mummies? I guess we’ll have to settle for mythological creatures like witches, fairies, and lesbian Asian cage fighters.


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