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Jennifer Grey Wins ‘Dancing with the Stars'; Apocalypse Postponed

By 11.24.10

Jennifer Grey harnessed power from the Ghost of Swayze and was named “Dancing with the Stars” champion during the 11th season finale last night, restoring some modicum of faith in the American populace. More importantly, her victory allows me to reduce my invective towards Bristol Palin from “bilious hatred” to “fatty-induced bemusement,” which is a welcome respite for my blood pressure.

For what it’s worth, Palin came in third, while Kyle Massey (who?) finished as the runner-up. Should Grey be unable to fulfill her duties as “Dancing with the Stars” champion, Massey will ascend to the the crown and get the accompanying photo spread in Maxim. Sexy!

Anyway, I’m glad that this ended without tears or mass bloodshed, and it’s nice to see that “DWTS” is at least somewhat less rigged than “American Idol.” If there’s a lesson to be learned here, I think it’s this:

Nobody puts Baby in the corner, bitch.


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