Paula Has Another Show

By: 12.23.10  •  10 Comments

In defiance of logic, the respected professionals in the American Medical Association, and God’s clear will, Paula Abdul has another show. This trailer is for “Live to Dance,” a dance competition debuting January 4th on CBS.  Hold on.  How did no coked up executive sneak an exclamation point into that title?  It’s screaming for it!  It’s like I don’t even know you morons anymore.  Anyway, the trailer manages to display Paula in a competent, coherent light.  And good for her.  Because when the trailer opened up with the teaser, “Find out what Paula’s been up to,” I had a whole row of “Her knees in Xanax” jokes lined up, and I was really hoping to save them for 2011.

It is a little frustrating that Paula got another job, though.  This is the kind of crap that only happens in the entertainment industry.  For example, I’m in law school.  Let’s say a couple years from now, when I’m a lawyer, I just start showing up to depositions clearly under the influence of high doses of prescription medication.  Then some serious suspicion develops that I’ve been sleeping with interns 20 years my junior.  I start coming and going as I please and doing a shoddy job while my employer is paying me huge amounts of money… wait a minute.  This is starting to sound AMAZING.  That’s, like, my dream job.  And after all that, she still got another job?  Holy crap!  I should be worshiping this woman.

Jeez, and I thought I was jealous of her when she got to perform with MC Skat Kat.  Do you, Paula.  Do you.

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