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Happy Holidays from the RockCats

By 12.03.10

We tend to drift away from strict television news on Fridays (settle down, the Corgis will be here later), so this seems like a good time to share this video of the RockCats playing “Jingle Bells.” In a delightful and appropriate twist, the lyrics have been replaced by cats meowing. It’s a huge improvement, in my opinion. (It helps if you imagine a line of people like a bell choir, except instead of bells they’re holding kittens and squeezing the kittens to produce the different tones.)

Anyway, the RockCats are a Chicago-area act who also double as the Acro-Cats, and if it genuinely bothers you that I’m featuring them on a TV blog, well, they’ve been on TV before. So there. Although at this point I think there are more readers here for the cats than the TV news.

(John Clawnham)

(Thanks to Burnsy for sharing)


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