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What in God’s Name Is Happening Here?

By 12.03.10

This video is presently blowing up on Tumblr and every other blog that’s remotely like this one (the difference: fewer cats), and while the premise is simple enough — fading stars from the ’80s and ’90s lip sync to “Let It Be” — the execution is a six-minute ride to Wondertown. The YouTube description says:

This is a music video that promotes the Norwegian television entertainment program “Golden Times”. The program runs on the TV channel, TV2 in Norway.

I don’t even want to name any of the people in this video, because the surprises are so random and enjoyable that I’d hate to spoil it. But I’ll say this much: the Norwegian titles really spice it up. If the word “kuntsløper” doesn’t make you giggle, you’re reading the wrong TV blog.

UPDATE: Oh dear God, there’s ANOTHER one for “We Are the World” (see below). They somehow didn’t use up all the washed-up stars with the “Let It Be” video.


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