TV Gourmet: How to Make Milk Steak and Four Other Pop Culture Meals

By: 02.22.11  •  63 Comments

Cheesy Blasters

As Seen On: “30 Rock”

What You’ll Need: Pizza, jack cheese, and a hot dog

1. You take a hot dog

2. Stuff it with some jack cheese

3. Fold it in a pizza

4. You got Cheesy Blasters!

5. Say hello to Meat Cat

Verdict: So good. It’s really just a pizza topped with meat and extra cheese, and maybe even something they already serve at Pizza Hut. We didn’t cut the hot dog up before adding it to the pizza, which probably would have helped; when I started eating the thing, it was tough to bite apart the whole dog, and the cheese melted over the side and splashed onto the floor.  But wrapping something around something else always things more fun, a theory proven with the Cheesy Blaster.

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