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Kid Rock to Be Roasted

By 05.09.11

Comedy Central has announced its next victim to be roasted: Kid Rock. The Detroit-born musician — coming off an NAACP award and a headlining performance at Jazz Fest — will take his lumps on the dais when Comedy Central tapes the special this August. You can read the press release here, but I’ll warn you ahead of time: it’s so pointless that I couldn’t even find a worthwhile section to blockquote.

Although I generally enjoy the Comedy Central roasts, I’m bothered by the way they now just grab a celebrity we’ve all been making fun of for the last decade or two and let insult comics have their way with them. In ye olden days, the point of a roast was to make fun of a respected person — that’s what made it a unique honor. But now it’s just whatever dumbass makes a good punching bag. It’s like, okay, I’ll laugh at your jokes about Kid Rock’s dead midget friend, but I’m not gonna like it.


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