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Hardcore Burritos, Y’all (Links)

By / 06.28.11

Worth doing.

‘Arrested Westeros.’ I feel like the only person on the planet who doesn’t totally love the new Tumblr that combines “Game of Thrones” screencaps with “Arrested Development” quotes. But YOU should enjoy it. [Uproxx]

Global Smurfs Day is a thing. These people need to get some mothersmurfing lives. [FilmDrunk]

CHINCHILLA MIME! This is the first mime I’ve ever liked. [bunnyfood]

Stupid Dustin Ackley. The results of my foray into fantasy baseball. I can’t believe 117th place didn’t pay out. What a rip-off. [With Leather]

Michael Bay is a visionary artist. This fan trailer of the new Transformers movie suggests that Bay works with explosions the same way Van Gogh used oils. [Gamma Squad]

More below, including an awesome Peter Dinklage “For Your Consideration” ad, more TV news, and a kitty watching Sean Penn.

Peter Dinklage for Best Supporting Actor. Yep, pretty much. [yfrog via @MsChicGeek]

Tom Sizemore joins ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ Future headline: “Tom Sizemore Assaults Grace Park.” [Inside TV]

:( Julie Benz engaged. I totally thought I could win her over by saying nice things about her on my blog. Alas. [Us]

READ THIS. An excellent, in-depth article by Andrew Romano about the coming season of “Breaking Bad.” The Season 4 premiere promises a twist that “will have fans swooning for weeks.” [Newsweek]

Chuck Lorre to kill Charlie Sheen…‘s character in “Two and a Half Men.” [ScreenJunkies]

Fashion Kitty watching Sean Penn. Via Luna the Fashion Kitty, natch. Banner image via steelreserve40oz.


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