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’80s Sitcom Predicted Year of Gaddafi’s Death

By 10.20.11

This is a clip from the pilot episode of Matthew Perry’s first major role). The opening card puts the date at July 29, 2011, and then a bullet-riddled Gaddafi shows up and gets sentenced to hell. Although I gotta say, the bullet-riddled Gaddafi in “Second Chance” looks WAY better than the real bullet-riddled Gaddafi. Did you see the video of him after he’d been shot and just before he died? That ish is DARK. He looks like a zombie from “The Walking Dead.”

Anyway, there’s a longer video of the show’s opening scene below, which should be great if you like sitcoms that are so unfunny they weren’t good enough to last on Fox before “The Simpsons.” It’s a really excellent use of your time.

[Reddit via BuzzFeed]


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