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What’s on Tonight: Motorcycles & Lingerie

By 11.29.11

Sons of Anarchy (FX) — Part 1 of a two-part season finale. I watched tonight’s and next week’s episodes last night, my last-ever Warming Glow screener. It’s good, but there’s nothing mind-blowingly awesome. I was surprised by how neatly certain plot lines got tied up, but other than that all of the notes sound pretty familiar: Gemma schemes, Tara goes crazy, secrets are revealed, and the neutralization of one threat to the club only results in a new threat. Oh, and Lincoln Potter turns out to be a lot cooler than I thought.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show (CBS) — D’oh! I already uploaded the “Sons” banner picture, thus ruining a perfectly good excuse to post pictures of supermodels in ridiculously ornate lingerie. Ah well, inset photo it is. Also featuring performances from Kanye West, Maroon 5, and Cee-Lo Green. (hi-res of Miranda Kerr here)

New Girl (Fox) — Jess (Zooey Deschanel) starts a handbell chorus for teenagers, thereby guaranteeing they will never be popular. I’m not sure if Justin Long is still around in tonight’s episode, but I certainly hated him exactly as much as I expected to in the Thanksgiving episode.

Man vs. Wild (Discovery) — Bear Grylls takes you behind the scenes of the series. I’m guessing the revelations DON’T include him showing the nice hotels he stays at. Zing!

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (CBS) / Scrooged (AMC) — Between these tonight and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” last night, we are now only A Christmas Story away from all the truly great Christmas programming. I was legitimately terrified of the Abominable Snowman when I saw “Rudolph” as a kid.

LATE-NIGHT GUESTS: Kathy Bates and Jay Mohr on Leno; Shaquille O’Neal on Kimmel; Margaret Cho on Ferguson; Betty White on “The Daily Show”; Nathan Fillion and Morrissey on Conan; and Jesse Eisenberg and Piper Perabo on Fallon (I desperately want musical guest Neko Case to sing “Can’t Fight the Moonlight”).


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