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The Internet Reacts To The Higgs Boson Discovery

Hannah Montana Raccoon Repellent IS America (and the Morning Links)

By 07.05.12

Hannah Montana: the only surefire way to get trash-eating rodents to stop biting you. (Via)

America, F*ck Yeah!: 20 Images To Help You Get Your Patriotism On — (Uproxx)

The “Hollywood Is Just Recycling The Same Ideas Over And Over” Supercut Is Here — (Uproxx)

“This Is Indeed A New Particle.” CERN Announces Discovery Of Higgs Boson — (Gamma Squad)

R. Kelly blames his divorce on The Notebook — (Film Drunk)

Let’s Take A Tour Of The World’s Largest McDonald’s At The Olympic Park — (With Leather)

Frank Ocean May Be Gay. Now What? — (Smoking Section)

13 Ways Scientologists Have Impacted The Lives Of Yelp Reviewers — (BuzzFeed)

Tom Cruise, Highest-Paid Actor: Forbes List Breaks Down Movie Star Salaries — (Huffington Post)

Heartwarming Tearjerker Compilation of the Day — (The Daily What)

Game of Thrones Season 2 RPG — (College Humor)

Gene Wilder knew exactly what he was talking about — (Fark)

Your Five Freebies (and Voting for The 6th Annual Pajiba 10) — (Pajiba)

How All 50 States Got Their Names — (Mental Floss)

The Olympic trials: 6 heartbreaking and inspiring moments — (The Week)

Stream Childish Gambino Royalty mixtape, feat RZA, Ghostface, and Beck — (Death + Taxes)

We’re an American Band: The 25 Best American Bands…Ever — (HyperVocaL)

Yes, You Can Overdose on Badassness — (Unreality Mag)

The 50 Hottest Star-Spangled Celebrity Women of All-Time — (Bro Bible)

Bill Clinton: M83′s “Midnight City” — (The High Definite)

Did Kim Kardashian Get Busy With a Unicorn? Insane Lawsuit Says Yes — (Guy Speed)


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