20 Neat Facts, Cool Allusions, Instances Of Foreshadowing, And Theories On ‘Breaking Bad’

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11. Possible Theory: We know that color is important to Vince Gilligan. The characters themselves have dressed in certain colors over the course of the series. Walt, for instance, used to wear mostly beiges, he graduated into dark blues, and now he wears a lot of black, representing his transformation from nice guy to anti-hero to villain. Likewise, Skyler used to wear a lot of blue. Now, when she’s crazy Skyler, she wears black; when she’s afraid of Walt Skyler, she’ll wear beige. There’s blue all over the show, symbolic the blue meth. There’s also a lot of bright yellow (caution), bright orange (danger), and green (greed). Hank wears a lot of orange, and orange seems to be around a lot when the police are involved. Red is often associated with death: Jesse was wearing red when he killed Gale, and Gus was wearing red when he killed Victor. Marie wears purple, which is represents royalty, which perhaps suggests delusions of grandeur (Saul is often seen in purple, as well).

Knowing that color is important, and having read interviews with Gilligan in which he explicitly states that there are visual foreshadowing clues in the form of color on the show, what can we make of pink? The pink teddy bear was associated with death. Walt was wearing a pink sweater when the plane had mid-air collision. Jane had a lengthy discussion with Jesse about Georgia O’Keefe (whose paintings looked like (pink) vaginas), and after her death, Jesse found a cigarette she left in his car covered in pink lipstick. Coincidence? Perhaps. But if pink is associated with death, do we always see Holly White (Walt and Skyler’s infant daughter) dressed in pink — and sleeping in a crib with a pink blanket — because she’s a girl, or because Holly is associated with death? Is it Vince’s way of foreshadowing Holly’s death? Vince has suggested, after all, that Walt does something in the final season that is so bad we could never again sympathize with him. Does he sacrifice his daughter to save his business?

12. Cool Allusion: Vulture spotted this in last week’s episode: The pesticide tent in “Hazard Pay” looks very similar to the tarp in “Post Modern Prometheus,” an episode of The X-Files. The pesticide tent figured heavily into both episodes.

13. Neat Fact: Matt Ufford posted this last year, but in case you missed it, some of the blue meth on Breaking Bad made its way onto The Walking Dead.

14. Cool Allusions: What’s up with the Illuminati references?

15. Foreshadowing: A reader, ChiSwede, dropped this video in my Chekhov’s gun post: The elevator ding foreshadows the death of Gus.

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