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9 Open Questions At The Midpoint of ‘Breaking Bad’ Season 5

By / 09.04.12

Breaking Bad ended the first half of its season five last Sunday, and if you haven’t checked out the recap and our weekly power rankings, now’s the time to do so. However, as we take a breather for the next ten months, there’s a lot to digest, mull over, and consider as we head into the final eight episodes. Some have suggested that Sunday’s episode could’ve doubled as a satisfying series finale, but I think there were too many open questions that still need to be answered. I doubt that Gilligan will answer ALL of the nagging questions remaining, but these 9 open ones seem like the most important to consider over the break.

The Vial of Ricin — The ricin, still unused, re-appeared in Sunday night’s episode, and was nearly used to take out Lydia before she hatched a plan to distribute the meth in Czechoslovakia. It’s not gone yet, though. Walter put it back behind the electrical socket, and it will no doubt reappear next season. Who will be the recipient? Early odds are on Hank.

Jesse’s Gun — A literal Chekhov’s gun, in the final scene with Jesse, he slid a gun across the floor after a meeting with Walt in which he feared he might need to use it. A close-up on a gun like the one employed in this episode wouldn’t be by accident. Not in Vince Gilligan’s world. The gun will certainly come back into play, but who will be its victim? Walt? Hank? Todd?

What’s Up with Todd — Speaking of Todd, we were given no indication of how he dealt with Walt retiring from the meth business. There are four people at the moment, who could really do Walt in: Jesse, Skyler, Lydia, and Todd. Todd is easily the more expendable of the four, and the one most likely to disappear without raising any eyebrows, although at this point, his uncle (and Devil from “Justified”) could connect the potential death of Todd back to Hank, should they want to do so.

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