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5 Spoiler-Free Reasons To Look Forward To The Third Season of 'Boardwalk Empire'

By / 09.14.12

2. Nucky Thompson Goes Don Draper — The third season of Boardwalk Empire picks up not too long after the second season ended, a few months maybe. That’s enough time for Nucky to get completely tired of his marriage to Margaret Schroeder — who is acting out by doing charitable things all the goddamn time — and start sleeping around, restarting the cycle he began with Margeret in the first season. With whom? A very young, very attractive, very naked escort who enjoys the sex. Moreover, Nucky is not terribly happy that his new lady friend also seeing other men. He’s got a jealous streak, and killing Jimmy Darmody has given him a bad case of bloodlust. I foresee him acting on it a few times this season.

1. Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale) Is the Best Villain Boardwalk Empire Has Seen So Far — You know how there seems to be a certain trend in dramas toward the Gus Fring/Stringer Bell types (see, e.g., Damon Pope in Sons of Anarchy)? Cool, collected men who distance themselves from the criminal activity, while quietly being dangerous motherf**kers? Gyp Rosetti is nothing like that. He’s more like Breaking Bad’s Tuco: Short-tempered, easily offended, and quick to resort to nasty violence over even the tiniest slight. He’s pure, undistilled crazy, a psycho of monstrous proportions. You end up knowing all you need to know about Gyp Rosetti in the opening scene of the third season, when he goes crazy on a good Samaritan who stops to help him fix a flat tire. There’s a lot to be said for those cold, calculating Big Bads, but the unpredictability of men like Gyp Rosetti makes every scene he’s in tense and terrifying. Will he snap, and what will he resort to? I’ll tell you this much: He doesn’t like Nucky one little bit.

Check out a preview of the upcoming season.

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