10 Things We Learned From 'Hounded,' Last Night's Sexy 'The Walking Dead'

By: 11.19.12

3. “It’s a Beautiful Day” — Damnit Maggie! Don’t you know when you say sh*t like that in a zombie apocalypse drama you’re just asking for a redneck a**hole to take you hostage at gunpoint and take you back to his camp where the Governor will probably have sex with your toe webbings? So, Michonne led Merle to Glenn and Maggie, and Merle took Glenn and Maggie back to Woodbury, where he plans to interrogate them on the whereabouts of Daryl. Tune in next week for Merle’s lazy Asian jokes.

I’m going to be sad if they don’t get that adorable duck back to Lil Ass Kicker.

4. What the Hell Is Wrong with You, Andrea? — I mean, COME ON. Andrea continues to be the most maddeningly stupid character on The Walking Dead, although it was nice to see her jump the wall and take out a zombie, reminding us briefly of the woman she was before Maggie took over her character. Meanwhile, I’m not sure how she went from thinking the Ultimate Fighting Zombie Championship was too brutal to letting The Governor throw her a bone, but sure enough, The Governor charmed her into bed. Next week, he’ll seal the deal by showing her his cool floating head collection. The one catch here is that The Governor is keeping what he thinks he knows about Michonne (that she’s dead) and the knowledge that Merle has Glenn and Maggie to himself. He doesn’t want to cock-block himself, bro.

My colleague at Pajiba put The Governor among television’s most surprisingly sexy characters. I don’t see it. Ladies?

5. Zombie Kill of the Week — Michonne grabs the title again after taking a bath in zombie entrails. She earned it, folks.

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