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10 Things We Learned From 'Hounded,' Last Night's Sexy 'The Walking Dead'

By 11.19.12

6. Eau de Undead — Thanks to the zombie bath, Michonne finally discovers what the rest of us have known all along from watching zombie comedies: If you look like a Walker, and if you smell like a Walker, the Walkers will think you must be a Walker. They’ll leave you alone. A little blood and the scent of death is the perfect perfume.

7. Rick’s Tyler Durden Moment — Turns out, there was no one on the other end of the phone line except Rick’s fractured psyche.

Dude was talking himself on the phone the whole time, and his grief-torn second identity has a cruel sense of humor, making Rick wait two hours between phone calls and teasing him with knowledge of a safe space. SNAP OUT OF IT, RICK.

Turns out, the safe space was really just Rick coming to terms with the death of Lori. The voices in his head helped him find some closure so he could focus on caring for that newborn of his. Can we get an Awwwww?

The question is: Did Hershel know the phone was busted, and that Rick is fruit loops?

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