10 Things We Learned From Last Night's Rapturous 'Sons of Anarchy'

By: 11.21.12  •  257 Comments

8. Oh, Juice — Meanwhile, Juice finally found the legal documents that Jax needed to convict Clay among a jury of his peers, but he slipped out and between the time that Jax planned to finally take out Clay, got abducted by Galinda, and made the deal, Clay managed to move the legal documents again, which really pissed off Jax. Juice got a beat down, and Clay got ANOTHER stay of execution, although Jax did confess to Bobby and Chibs that Clay was behind Piney’s death, his dad’s death, and the hit on Tara.

Oh, and by the way: Juice is a pu**y.

9. Gemma’s Derp Derp Derping — This whole plan to use Gemma to get to Clay doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, and once Juice found the legal documents, was temporarily moot. But she’s still hanging in there, all the while keeping a now crazed Nero at arm’s length. However, she definitely needed Nero to know that she loved him, and that he shouldn’t go anywhere, and, you know, thanks a lot for killing those two guys he didn’t need to kill.

10. “You here to kill me, VP?” “No, I”m here to keep you alive.” — That was the bizarre twist at the end of the show. After Bobby finds out what an unrelenting bastard Clay is, what does he do? Oh, well, he offers to help Clay, of course!

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