10 Things We Learned From ‘The Killer Within,’ Last Night’s Gut-Wrenching Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’

By: 11.05.12  •  365 Comments

4. T-Dog Got Bit! — No. NOOOOOO. Not T-Dog. You can’t kill off a character that’s been on for three seasons without first developing him, goddamnit, and T-Dog never rose above stock character, although his few lines allowed him to remain a fan favorite, above the fray of all those other characters with flaws, and motivations, and lines. When he finally got a few lines in this episode, we find out he’s following God’s plan, so he’s one of those guys. Best he was silent, y’all. At least he sacrificed himself to save Carol. RIP: Theodore Douglas.

5. There Can Only Be One Black Guy at a Time — No sooner had T-Dog died than Oscar worked himself into Rick’s camp by taking out Andrew. Wait, what? Who? Andrew? The guy that Rick left to die with the zombies somehow survived, and wreaked all the havoc that led to the death of T-Dog. THAT BASTARD. Fortunately, Oscar took him out with Rick’s gun, generously handed the gun back to Rick, and ingratiated himself to the gang. Oscar is now the new T-Dog. FULL CIRCLE.

A note on the “surprise” re-appearance of Andrew: It wasn’t a surprise if you saw the previously on scenes, yet another example of why they are the worst.

6. Zombie Kill of the Week — For sentimental reasons, I’m giving it to Lori. Single bullet to the brain, maximum splatter.

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