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The 10 Best 'Bob's Burgers' Musical Moments So Far

By / 11.17.12
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Did you know there's a musician out there named Bob Burger? That's not only a wonderful name, but a great opportunity for easy YouTube clicks. Some unassuming Kristen Schaal fan will go looking for a Louise clip, and end up down a rabbit (hat) hole of Bob Burger live videos, like his memorable take on "Vintage Tweed."

Anyway, yesterday Vulture noted that the National have "covered" a gloomy Thanksgiving-themed song that will reappear in this Sunday's episode of UPROXX favorite Bob's Burgers. Somehow the writers topped “School is out/I can shout/Thank you, thank you, thank you” with "Kill, kill, kill, kill the turkey." It continues the show's strong musical pedigree, not only by booking top-notch guest musicians, like the National and St. Vincent, but also through writing original songs that are classic Simpsons-level good. Here are 10 of our favorites.

Song: "Bob's Burgers Theme"
Episode: All

Song: "Think About It"
Episode: "Sacred Cow" (S01E03)

Song: "Lifting Up the Skirt of the Night"
Episode: "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?" (S01E06)

Song: "Butts"
Episode: "Art Crawl" (S01E08)

Song: "The Ding Ding Song"
Episode: "Burger Wars" (S01E10)

Song: "Weekend at Mort's"
Episode: "Weekend at Mort's" (S01E11)

Song: "Taffy Butt"
Episode: "The Belchies" (S02E01)

Song: "Oil Spill"
Episode: "Food Truckin'" (S02E05)

Song: "Sexy Zombie Threesome Song Without a Name"
Episode: "Bad Tina" (S02E08)

Song: "Candy"
Episode: "Full Bars" (S03E02)

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