10 Things We Learned From Last Night’s Eye-Popping ‘The Walking Dead’

By: 12.03.12

3. MARRY ME, GLENN — Meanwhile, back in Woodbury, I have to say that, of all the cool things that happened in last night’s episode, my very favorite was Glenn removing a zombie’s arm and yanking out an elbow bone and giving it to Maggie as a weapon. THAT IS TRUE LOVE. Need I remind you that we’re only two seasons removed from this guy:

That bone shank came in awfully damn handy, too, when Merle came to execute Maggie and Glenn, and Maggie used it to pierce Warren’s carotid. Bone Shank: 1. Warren: O.

It wasn’t quite enough to save them, which prompted the sweetest moment of the night.


4. The Prison Gang Saves the Day — Maggie and Glenn, of course, avoid execution, as Rick and Daryl arrive with smoke bombs, rescue them, then start opening fire in Woodbury. There’s a lot of chaos in these sequences, though there’s not a lot of plot development. It looked a lot like this:

The Governor is trying to keep Andrea away from the fighting, so she doesn’t figure out who is behind the shooting, and Daryl gets left behind laying cover fire. But MOST everyone else manages to make it to the other side of the wall by the end of the episode, except for ….

5. THE IRON LAW OF THE WALKING DEAD — There may be only ONE token black male character at a time. Poor Oscar didn’t even get a stock black character line in last night’s episode before he got shot by one of the Woodbury gang. His final words were, “GARREHEAHHRRRR.” As soon as we saw Tyreese in the opening sequence, we had to know that Oscar’s days were numbered. When God introduces a T. Dog, he must take a T. Dog away. Oscar will be missed, but not that much because T. Dog 3.0 is the sh*t.

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