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Every Kiss Begins With F-You: The 10 Most Annoying, Awful Commercials Of 2012

By 12.28.12

5. NFL Network “Serious Fun”

If the casting notice that went out to find the guy for these spots called for a “skinnier, less endearing version of Zach Galifianakis,” then they certainly found the right guy!

4. Geico “Neanderthal”

Nothing against Brian Arakpo, but why did Geico hire him to be a pitchman for them? It just seems so random to me. And what the hell is a pancake social, anyway?


That ominous commercial in which a guy supposedly famous for making “outrageous predictions” wants you to go to his website and watch a video he’s made: probably a scam artist, right? Probably a scam artist.

2. Kay Jewelers “Open Hearts”

Hey all you dudes out there dating or married to women with daughters not fathered by you: want to know the secret to winning BOTH of their hearts? Buy both of them jewelry at Kay, of course! (Punches self in nuts, vomits)

1. Citi Private Pass: The Ex

Bros, if your personality is so lacking color that you need a certain credit card to make you “less boring,” do everyone a favor and find the nearest Port-O-Potty to drown yourself in.

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