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Say Something Nice To Me: The Sunniest Moment’s From Last Night’s Tribute-Paying ‘Always Sunny’

By 12.14.12

Mac And Charlie Just Can’t Quit Each Other

Just a couple of kids caught between wine-warring families.

Charlie’s Not As Dumb As He Seems

Just pitch perfect Charlie Day delivery.

Mac Wore Two Colognes

The jumping off point for the “Say something nice to me” exchange, which became the jumping off point for multiple double jackknife twist/Chrissy Orlando stories. I can’t remember the last time I “blew everybody’s tits off” and it bums me out.

What’s the count for impromptu Dennis speeches this season? 3? 4? I think this is the first one where he worked in licking butt but I could be wrong.

Four Methods Of Attack

Probably my favorite part of this episode is how quickly the fellas formed their various methods of attack.

Mac – “I’m going to smash this over their goddammed heads.”

Dennis – “And I’m going to blast them with this fire extinguisher.”

Charlie – “I’ll toss hot soup in their faces.”

Frank – “I’ll pinch their dicks with this lobster.”

A Waiter Eats It And Everyone Loves Each Other

The perfect resolution. Even for Sweet Dee…

It’s rare we experience a relative happy ending like this on Sunny and I want to embrace it. Thank you shoelaces! Salud!

See you guys next week for the final time in 2012. We’ll try and do something special for the finale so dress appropriately.

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Say Something Nice To Me: The Sunniest Moment’s From Last Night’s Tribute-Paying ‘Always Sunny’


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