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What’s On Tonight: The Last NBC Thursday Night First-Runs Of 2012

By / 12.06.12

NBC Thursday Night Comedies (NBC, 8-10 p.m.) — Tonight is the last we’ll see of the Thursday night shows on NBC until January. Will Liz Lemon go on a honeymooon? Will Angela hire someone else to outright assassinate Oscar? Will Tammy 2 continue to torture Ron Swanson? TUNE IN TONIGHT. I actually have no idea what’s happening on Up All Night, however: I purged it, along with a few other shows that I could sense would never, ever improve, like Go On and Nashville. Feels good to purge.

Last Resort (ABC, 8 p.m.) — I figured that once the cancellation was announced, Last Resort’s remaining viewers finally let it go, but damnit: I’m sticking it out. I wanna see Andre Braugher blow up the planet on his way out.

Scandal (ABC, 10 p.m.) — SHUT UP. It’s a good show. Josh Malina! Plus, Kerry Washington will make you feel tingly in your funny places.

NFL Thursday Night Football: Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos — The fantasy football playoffs start this week for most people, and if you have anyone on the Raiders, I’m very sorry. Also, how did you make it to the playoffs?

It’s Always Sunny/The League (FX, 10-11:30) — In previous years, I would’ve been thrilled to see back-to-back episodes of The League, but this season, I don’t know. Let’s hope for a Raffi appearance, and at the very least, two episodes ought to give me enough material for tomorrow’s 15 Best Lines post.

LATE NIGHT LISTINGS: Bill Murray is on Letterman. Let me repeat that in call caps. BILL MURRAY IS ON LETTERMAN. The much lesser Bill, Bill O’Reilly, will be on Leno; Denis Leary is on Ferguson; Tom Selleck is on Jimmy Fallon for some reason; and Jon Stewart has Governor Chris Christie while The Colbert Report will play host to Andy Serkis.


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