10 Warner Brothers TV Shows That Netflix Should Add To Instant Watch Immediately

By: 01.10.13

Veronica Mars (64 episodes) — One of my all-time favorite series (at least the first two seasons), Veronica Mars is best when marathoned: It’s like The O.C. plus Nancy Drew plus AWESOMENESS. It is one of the most addictive television shows you will ever see, and because it originally aired on The WB (and was cancelled after three seasons due to low ratings), most people didn’t see it on first run. But, there are a lot of DVD shelves with full-seasons of Veronica Mars on them. This show would kill on Netflix, and if it gained enough traction, maybe we’d finally get that damn Veronica Mars movie that Kristen Bell has been dying to make.

Children’s Hospital — I know that a lot of people who read UPROXX are familiar with Children’s Hospital, but in the broader pop-culture landscape, Children’s Hospital is practically unheard of, despite the fact that damn near every great contemporary comedic actor has been on the series at one point. Hell, everybody that’s ever been in a comedy troupe is on this show. To list all the awesome people who have been on this show would take hours (JON HAMM). If you’ve never liked Malin Ackerman and Lake Bell, it’s only because you’ve never seen Children’s Hospital . Why? Because the damn show airs on Adult Swim at like 12:03 a.m., there’s no promotion for it, and nobody ever talks about the show for some reason. Give it six months on Netflix, and it’d be a HUGE cult show. Sure, there are 45 episodes, but they’re only about 8 minutes a piece, so you could bang on the entire series in an afternoon.

Southland — In real life, I literally don’t know anyone who watches this show, who has ever spoken of this show, or who has even heard of it. Even on Warming Glow, Southland doesn’t get a ton of love or discussion, but the people who do watch it will vouch that it’s one of the best dramas on television: An intense, brilliantly acted, smartly written cop show that’s NOT a procedural. Each episode is a slice of life for LAPD cops. They are riveting, often heartbreaking episodes, and Southland deserves the kind of cult audience that Netflix could bring it, if only because it may mean additional seasons for the rest of us.

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