A Month Of TV Goodness: The 10 Most Anticipated New And Returning Shows This January

By: 01.07.13  •  47 Comments

3. Cougar Town (January 8th) — Having moved from ABC to TBS, Courteney Cox is already promised more boobs to go along with Big Carl wine glasses, Penny Can, and hopefully a few more Scrubs mini-reunions throughout the season (despite the fact that series showrunner Bill Lawrence has left that role). Last year, even with only four months of exposure, Cougar Town managed to be one of the funniest sitcoms on television, and now that the pressure of cancellation has been lifted, hopefully the series will only continue to improve in defiance of one of the worst sitcom titles in recent memory.

2. Archer (January 17) — The fourth season of Archer returns mid-month, and among the surprises in store this season is a voice cameo from Timothy Olyphant, who will play an old spy friend of Sterling Archer’s in the season’s second episode. If you can’t wait ten more days for the premiere, you can always check out these nine clips from the forthcoming season.

1. Justified (January 8) — I’ve seen the first couple of episodes of the fourth season, and they are good, chock full of Goggins goodness, a cool season-long mystery, a little Wynn Duffy, some squirrelly Mall Cop Patton Oswalt motherf**ker, and a lot of crazy sexy bartender. Danger’s recaps return this Wednesday for the most anticipated returning show of January. Set your DVRs and lock up your daughters.

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