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Jimmy Fallon Hosts An Adorable ‘Cosby Show’ Reunion Between Cliff and Vanessa Huxtable

By 01.06.13

One of the great things about Jimmy Fallon’s ascent to the prince of late-night television is that — unlike the older late night hosts (Fallon is seven years younger that Kimmel, the second youngest host) — Fallon has a lot of nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, and it’s become a huge part of the fabric of his show. It was Fallon, after all, who tried to get the Saved by the Bell cast back together; it is Fallon who revelled in the history of rap with Justin Timberlake; and Fallon who sang the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme as Neil Young. Fallon legitimately geeks out about 80’s and 90’s pop culture; he’s basically the television version of Buzzfeed.

So, it means a little more to Fallon when he’s able to bring Bill Cosby and his “Cosby Show” daughter Tempestt Bledsoe — who stars in the abysmal Fallon-produced sitcom Guys with Kids — to chat about their time on The Cosby Show. Among other things, Bill Cosby waxes nostalgic about Tempestt’s scene-stealing line in The Cosby Show pilot, and Bledsoe tells a heartwarming account of her desire to attend college while she was still filming the sitcom, and how supportive Cosby was.

Part I

Part II

At the 3:00 mark, you can see the line Cosby refers to from the pilot.

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