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Let’s Talk About Last Night’s ‘Happy Endings’: “The Marry Prankster” & “Our Best Friend’s Wedding”

By / 01.30.13

The Marry Prankster

  • Ahh, the old “trick your friend into thinking he won the lottery” gag, previously seen in an episode of Fresh Prince when Will and Carlton pull it on Geoffrey, and he proceeds to quit and starts breaking vases. The lesson between these two examples is pretty clear: This is the worst prank. You will either lose your butler or end up covered in slime. It’s not worth it.
  • Ahh, the old “Guns for Subs” prank, too, previously seen … wait, no. That one’s new. And pretty great/scary.
  • This episode gave Adam Pally a chance to do something every actor loves: an evil voice. God I love a good evil voice.
  • The B plot about Brad’s job hunt was good, too (“Affirmative … action?”), but I won’t be discussing it much here because the A plot was so loaded. Please accept this GIF as my apology:

  • Muffin month is in May. Also, it’s not real.
  • Max prefers revenge like the serve of a 7th-grade female tennis player: Slow, out of bounds, and he’s gonna pull balls out of his skirt.
  • “What else is great? Syphilis? Men with bangs? Waking up with a dead dog in your bed?”
  • Sneaky, seductive Alex is my new favorite Alex. (“Mama is me.”)
  • Poor Pete. Got glued to the toilet because Max plays by mafia rules. And now, to quote Max, “he gon’ need a minute.”
  • Also, poor Penny. She got double-slimed last night, including once in a wedding dress when the slime was intended for someone else, after she had unknowingly been real-proposed to. That’s … that’s unfortunate.

Okay, look, lots of other stuff happened too, and you are welcome to discuss it below, but we need to talk about the ending. The whole Usual Suspects parody has been done to death by everyone, but I absolutely did not see that coming. And it was GREAT. The limp, the cutting off her hair, the whole nine, ALL A RUSE. I love this woman. I love her so much. After all, she’s not as dumb as she is.

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