Let's Talk About This Week's Episodes Of 'Happy Endings': 'Fowl Play/Date' And 'Ordinary Extraordinary Love'

By: 01.09.13

“Ordinary Extraordinary Love”

  • Dave asks Jane to “surprise him” with a drink at the bar, then tries to guess what is by taste. Welp, that settles it. I hate Dave.
  • The three big stories in this episode were Max’s search for a mate, Alex and Penny using a pop star for PR purposes, and Brad feeling emasculated by Jane’s new breadwinner status. The first two were much funnier, although the latter did lead to a mention of Brad’s “inverted wiener” and the Man-Am games, so it was still pretty decent all-around.
  • Effective immediately I am starting all my conversations with friends with “Guys, SHUT UP. SHUT UP, guys,” and then demanding everyone focus on me.
  • I’m starting to think I need a Derrick in my life. Just one. Definitely not more than that. But one would be nice. He was hilarious in this episode.
  • Speaking of the gays, there were a lot of gay subculture names in this episode. We had twinks, ostriches, ginger snaps, bears, chameleons, lobsters, beers and bulls (in a strictly Orlando Magic bar), power seals, and, my favorite, the optimistic red velvet walruses, among others. That must have been a fun hour in the writers’ room.
  • Alex hasn’t been too interested in music “since Smash Mouth left the game.” Between her taste in food and music she’s basically the female Guy Fieri, and that in no way affects the crush I have on her. I have much to ponder.
  • “Greek yogurt is the closest shave you can get … from a yogurt.”
  • “Did you power wash this place with farts?”
  • Max called Jane both a “beautiful broomstick” and a “dumb lamppost.” It’s a miracle she didn’t kill him.
  • Gay Yoda is a little redundant.
  • It appears I focused mostly on Max’s storyline in my notes last night. This is probably because (a) it was great, and (b) Max is quickly becoming my favorite character, especially after these last two episodes. Either way, I’m sorry for skimping on the others. Please accept this as my apology.

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