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By / 01.16.13

It's Archer Week here at UPROXX -- in case you hadn't noticed -- and with the Season 4 premiere inching closer I thought I'd put together a public service announcement of sorts, outlining the running gags and themes that everyone should know. And not "everyone should know" in the sense that they're really funny and happen often, but in the sense that you should judge and possibly de-friend anyone in your life who isn't keenly aware and excited about them. They're that much a part of the TV humor zeitgeist at this point.

Are there more than ten? Certainly. Should you guys point out the omissions? Of course. Because as Danger mentioned yesterday, no show pivots between high and low brow quite like Archer, which is exactly why it's UPROXX's spirit comedy. Speaking of Danger...

Danger Zone

The reference first appeared in "Diversity Hire" -- the show's all-timer of a third episode -- and has been littered throughout the series ever since. Honestly, if you hear anything Kenny Loggins-related at this point and don't pull the Lana name bit on the person closest to you you're a lost cause. Above via.

And Cranston from the S3 finale for good measure...

Chet Manley

Brett Buckley Gets Shot

Voiced by friend of the program Neal Holman, Brett has sustained six gunshot wounds and a brutal beating at the hands of Barry Dylan, earning him the nickname "Mr. Bloodmobile."

Lana's Monster Hands

Whether they're labeled "Monster" or "Truckasaurus" or "Johnny Benchian," Lana's hands should always be referenced when a big manly grip is needed. ICYMI: Aisha Tyler denied the rumor she also has ginormous man hands.

Krieger's Van

Krieger's van first appeared in S2's "Double Trouble" -- with the original van art paying tribute to Rush's "Exit...Stage Left" -- where it coined the classic "rolling probable cause" and "S.S. Date Rape" lines in the clip above. It makes two appearances in S3, first paying tribute to Rush's "Hemispheres" and then "Caress of Steel" in the season finale. I plan to make this evolution image poster size for the inside of my bedroom door.

Archer's Elaborate Voicemail Hoaxes

Simply beautifully elaborate and over-the-top and symbolic of all things Archer. And no, I'm not sure why that dude's face is part of the above embed but the audio clip is still worth it.

Cheryl's Glue Habit

Cheryl Tunt as a character is pretty much a cornucopia of offbeat running gags and themes, but there's something about "Mind if I glue up?" that is just so classic Cheryl.

Pam's A Badass

When Pam Poovey is kidnapped by mistake in "El Secuestro" we discover she paid for college thanks to an underground fighting ring and is pretty much impervious to pain. She also has an amazing back tattoo.

Thus the evolution of HR Pam Poovey --> the bum-shock-fighting relentless badass Pam Poovey we all know and love.

Woodhouse's Heroin Addiction

Archer's regularly berated live-in valet has been addicted to heroin and/or a substance abuser since his post-war days on a merchant ship in the orient. How could you not be? I think we can all agree that the best way to ride the dragon is via the assistance of Reggie the Lemur.

Barry's Other Barry

Every self-respecting fan of the show references "Other Barry" and occasionally "Bionic Barry" when having a conversation with him- or herself. It's just how it's properly done.


Archer's Obsession With Burt Reynolds

Sterling's Burt Reynolds references need a supercut, like yesterday. But until then the below and "The Man from Jupiter" thread will have to do.


I want more like this!

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