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The Best Of Last Night’s Bonding ‘Archer’ And A Discussion With Producer Casey Willis

By / 02.08.13

Production Note: Archer Producer —- and the man behind “Mulatto Butts” — Casey Willis will be dropping in this afternoon to answer questions and comment on last night’s episode. Please direct all questions @Casey in the thread.

I usually save my pop culture reference count for the last bullet point but “Midnight Ron” may have set a new Archer record for both quantity and quality. By my count — on top of the Midnight Run homage — we were treated to Human Centipede, C.H.U.D., “The Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man,” Master P, The Flintstones, CW McCall, Psycho, Norman Bates, John Waters, Road Warrior, and — of course — a Pac-Man Jones callback. Phew. *chugs Red Beer*

And I’m sure there are several I’ve missed. Not to mention Ron Lieberman (aka Ron Cadillac) is the real-life husband of Jessica Walter, which seems like a reference in and of itself (this list can suck it).

In the midst of all of this goodness we were treated to a highway shootout (killer artwork btw), learned the Ron Cadillac (shockingly not his real last name) backstory, met a pack of sadistic transvestite truckers, and experienced some good old fashioned mother’s husband/son bonding via road trip.

Loads of notes, so here we go:

  • “Herd of Quebecian whores” vs. “Free penicillin compliments of the socialist republic of Canada”: Who ya got?
  • Nice to have you back, Pam’s lunch crockpot. Nice to have you back.
  • It only reaches “third biggest fear” status if the whore has bangs. Separately they’re much lower fears, I presume.
  • The “Ron Cadillac is freakin’ epic!” glass smash/trashed hotel room felt slightly out of place after viewing the entire episode. I have to presume this is just how old dudes get pumped for cross-border money runs, whereas I would popped in “36 Chambers.”
  • My guess at most underrated part of the episode: The Archer-needs-help phone call transfer-athon highlighting what everyone does during slow times in the office.
  • “And I basically own him.” Poor Woodhouse. I see a bowl of spiderwebs in your future.
  • “Of carbons many oxides.” Walter White approves of chemistry callbacks.
  • Rhinos can’t make phone calls > Ashton Kutcher’s terrible f-ing movie.
  • By my math Ron’s car-boosting flashbacks did not help with the Archer universe time displacement.
  • Verbatim cutaways are now just a rung below chubby kid Archer cutaways.
  • “Kickin’ it Bedrock-style” – most repeatable line of the night.
  • Tunt Railways: Where only the hobo-iest of hobos hobo.

And finally, old gypsy woman foreboding that wasn’t revealed as foreboding until the time of the incident? Archer 1,487; Tropes 0. Enough of my rambling?

Got it. Chet Manley GIFs on the next page as to not crash too many browsers.

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