The Best Of Last Night’s Schemingly Romantic ‘Archer’: ‘Viscous Coupling’

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Goodness do I love tentacle porn. As a running joke, of course. As a genre, I’m not sure how it sustains. In contrast, “Viscous Coupling” was actually fairly heavy on the pathos, by Archer standards at least. And it all hammered home how good this show is at consistency. Archer’s life-altering feelings towards Katya in juxtaposition to every other female character on the show might feel a little off, except Adam Reed has never faltered here and it makes everything about the storyline — from springing Barry from space to the worst edited recording ever — work.

Not to mention callbacks including Tinnitus, voicemails, the Cyril Figgis alias, Fort Kickass, Predator’s tracking ability, and a slew more. And that was just THIS episode. OF AN ANIMATED SITCOM. There should be awards, because a faithful audience is most definitely being rewarded.

Loads of notes, as always. Let’s get to them.

  • I was certain I was going to die the first time I tried grappa.
  • I can’t be the only one who was waiting for some version of, “Like anyone would want to ‘R’ her” during the rape whistle moments.
  • “It’s like their guard is SO up” did more than the trick though.
  • “Of stage and screen.” – How to sell your fictional actress girlfriend.
  • Everything about the timeshare cutaway.
  • Bearded Barry had a serious Jeremiah Johnson vibe going on.
  • Katya’s wardrobe deserves recognition.
  • Ridiculously long bar bills are never not funny.
  • Pam Poovey – A/V Specialist
  • The simply superb El Camino and Space artwork did not go unnoticed.
  • Pop Culture Reference Count: Jaime Sommers (aka The Bionic Woman), General Zod, Predator (indirectly).

And I know the frantic rush to Katya’s apartment was an homage to something but I just can’t place it. I’m positive you guys will let me know what else I’ve missed.

Some of you may have noticed Matt Thompson is being unfaithful with our frienemies over at Vulture this week. We never said we were exclusive and he’s got to spread the wealth. Not to worry though, Matt plans to be back here next week and on top of you guys in the discussion.

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