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John Oliver Explains What It’s Like To Read Elaborate ‘Daily Show’ Slash Fiction

By / 02.21.13

UPROXX favorite — primarily for his work on The Daily Show and Community, although for some The Smurfs movie — John Oliver stopped by to chat with Jimmy Fallon last night and in doing so produced the only late night clip I deemed worthy of bringing to your attention.

Not only is Mr. Oliver simply fun to listen to (and from what Dustin tells me, Vanity Smurf is the best part of The Smurfs) but he hits home in the second half of the interview when he starts talking internet, delving into it being our generation’s legacy, how astounding it is to be tormented just seconds after joining Twitter, and explaining — as far as network television will allow him — just how elaborate Daily Show slash fiction can get. It’s all there. Jon on Stephen. Stephen on Jon. Stephen and Jon on John. All tastefully done, mind you. Except for maybe some typecasting.

If you’re here strictly for the slash talk, that starts around the 2:30 mark.

And here’s part one if you felt a little off coming in halfway in. Spoiler: things get British.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon


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