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By / 02.28.13
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At the risk of sounding loose butthole, I’ve been a little concerned with Workaholics this season, as I was starting to worry that maybe the show was starting to plateau. That’s not to say that I haven’t thought it was funny, I just hadn’t had a glorious gut-busting moment of laughter that the previous seasons had delivered. That changed with last night’s episode, “The Worst Generation," as it had a little bit of everything to whet my comedy whistle.

All in all, I give the episode a solid A, possibly an A+ just for Jillian dressing up as Captain Lou Albano with a team of Russian hockey lesbians, because that’s a perfect storm of things that I love. But I’m keeping it at an A because the “Mouth to neck!” bit was… ugh. Just ugh.

As always, before we hit the GIFs, let’s mention some of the better moments:

  • "We laughed so many times at those Geico Geckos."
  • "My grandfather touched me as a kid. In the butthole."
  • "The only closet I'm in is the one that I'm trapped in, with R. Kelly, watching a rap opera."
  • Blake's chicken shirt
  • WWKLD: What Would Kurt Loder Do?
  • "I got the first laugh."
  • "As the civil rights activist Doc Martens Luther King once said, 'Take it sleazy and I'm out.'"

Also, there were two important cameos in this episode, with the first being Jordan Peele of Key & Peele. I think Comedy Central needs to institute more crossover cameos among its shows. Also, the Workaholics crew should turn the AC down a bit on the set, because Peele’s nip was cutting diamonds. And the other cameo was Sally Kellerman, who starred as Dr. Diane Turner in Back to School, which was the most important movie ever made about college diving.








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