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Tumblr Hero Has Been Leaking Pages From The ‘Entourage’ Movie Script

By 02.01.13

It wasn’t a coke-fueled nightmare after all: the Entourage movie, still happening. According to producer Mark Wahlberg, the film will start shooting in “spring or summer…May, June, depending on scheduling,” with a release date of “April, May” next year. CLEAR YOUR BEER PONG TOURNAMENT CALENDERS NOW, BROS.

So, although we’ll have to wait too long until the finished product is f*cking our eyes, someone has been “leaking” pages from the script and putting it on their Tumblr, Entourage Movie. Man oh man, does this movie sound great — Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling, and Barry Obama all make guest appearances, and an entire scene is shot inside of a woman’s vagina. It’s like Caligula on Red Bull and speed, but with no repercussions. Can. Not. Wait.

It’s gonna be the best thing to happen to the world since Big C*ck Carl got his butt-chug on.

(Via Entourage Movie)


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