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Heidi Klum Is A Bourbon Cheeseburger-Loving Mrs. Robinson In A New Carl’s Jr. Commercial

By 03.26.13

Allow me to begin with two relatively undisputed facts:

  • Carl’s Jr. has a long history of paying very pretty ladies to shove cheeseburgers into their mouths. (Kate Upton, Padma Lakshmi, Audrina Patridge, etc.)
  • Bourbon is good and if you mention it on the Internet a bunch of people will be all “YO BOURBON”

So, I suppose it makes sense that the latest Carl’s Jr. commercial features Project Runway star Heidi Klum wooing a young man with the chain’s new Jim Beam Bourbon Cheeseburger in a spoof of The Graduate. I can just imagine all the high-fiving that took place in Carl’s Jr. HQ when someone walked up to the whiteboard in the conference room and scribbled “HEIDI KLUM + BOURBON + CHEESEBURGER + COUGAR = $$$$$$$$$.” It must have been chaos. I bet the CEO and CFO chest-bumped.

Anyway, speaking of The Graduate, did you realize that Heidi Klum is older today than Anne Bancroft was when she played Mrs. Robinson in the original film? I think that’s the real story here. The woman has aged better than the bourbon she is helping to promote.


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