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Howard Stern May Become The New Jimmy Fallon If Fallon Becomes The New Jay Leno

By / 03.06.13

Around and around the late-night rumor wheel goes, where it stops, nobody BABA BOOEY BABA BOOEY.

Over the weekend, word broke that Jay Leno is being pushed out to make room for Jimmy Fallon — but sources close to the radio man tell the Post that Stern, in turn, is being “groomed” by NBC as the new Fallon.

Howard has been trying to show TV suits for years that he’s the whole package — as opposed to the one he talks about on the radio. He’s shown — on America’s Got Talent, one of the most popular family shows on TV — that he can act like a grown-up and play well with others, if the money’s right.

And, according to a source who knows him well, the suits at NBC have gotten the message. (Via)

Ah, it seems like only yesterday I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning so I could watch The Howard Stern Show in my bedroom, to learn about the strippers and bees. Times really flies when you’re wondering what Ass-Napkin Ed’s up to these days. Anyway, this story keeps going more and more convoluted; it almost has the makings of a Joel Schumacher movie plot, where 17 things need to be accomplished for the final goal — Stern replacing Fallon replacing Leno — to happen. First, Leno needs to decide his future beyond late night, then he needs to call his manager, then he needs to buy a new car, then he needs to announce his retirement, then he needs to buy some grapefruit, then he goes to the supermarket but their grapefruit doesn’t look as good as the other supermarket’s grapefruit, then he goes to the other supermarket to buy some grapefruit, then he holds up the register for the other customers because he’s busy talking to the cashier about what’s in the news, then…*two-and-a-half hours, and seven Mr. Freeze puns, later*…then Howard Stern takes over Jimmy Fallon.

Simple enough.

(Via NY Post)

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