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The ‘Daily Show’ Series On Gun Control In Australia Was Outstanding

By 04.26.13

This week the Daily Show ran a three-part series on Australia and the sweeping gun legislation banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons that country passed in 1996, legislation gun control opponents claimed at the time would lead to tyranny and increased crime and just all-around general chaos. Naturally, it didn’t. And naturally, Australia is now one of the safest places on Earth from gun violence, while at the same time being a place where sane, responsible people can own guns for hunting, protecting their homes, etc. Go figure.

Anyway, the John Oliver-led series, the last part of which aired last night, is just outstanding — satire at it’s biting, thought-provoking best — and you should watch all three parts if you have not already. They’re embedded below. Watch them and pass along. It’s important.


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