Egg-Shaka-Laka: The 15 Meanest, Funniest, Most Vicious Lines From This Week's 'Veep'

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It’s hard to catch all the genius of HBO’s Veep in only one viewing. For instance, this week, I watched Veep once and wrote down what I thought were the best lines, then I went back and watched again. What was remarkable about the second viewing is that, in an episode all about precise word choice, I caught an immense amount of plays on words. It wasn’t just the five “Robust” puns I referred to last night. Check out the number of puns and plays on words that didn’t make the list of the 15 best lines: 1) Veeplipedia; 2) It’s Garyoke Time; 3) Must Sue TV; 4) I call that overshadow boxing; 5) Here he is, Kanye West Wing; 5) Hope it comes with Cliff Notes. That’s my name; 6) Secretary of Defense Maddox is living up to his name. He’s mad. As an ox; and 7) Fastest gun in the West Wing.

Someone worked overtime on their puns for this week’s episode, which saw Vice President Meyers publicly own and celebrate a hostage rescue situation, only to privately grieve that she cost a soldier his leg. Who knew the Vice President had feelings?

Here are the week’s 15 Funniest, Meanest, and Most Vicious Lines from the “Hostage” episode of Veep.


“Do People Not Use Sentences Anymore”?







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