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Canadian ‘Dexter’ Copycat Killer Still Watching ‘Dexter’ In Maximum Security Prison, Obvs

By / 05.07.13

Hey, here’s an awful thing. Canadian murderer Mark Twitchell — who based the murder he committed on the Showtime drama Dexter, and apparently had designs on becoming a full-fledged serial killer — has been spending his sentence watching episodes of Dexter in his maximum security prison cell. The National Post has the full story, but here are the highlights:

The 33-year-old former Edmonton filmmaker, who modelled the luring, murder and dismemberment of a complete stranger on the Dexter TV series, is continuing to watch the ultra-violent program inside the maximum security wing of Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

Yeah, but at least he’s doing hard time in prison, and not, like, living large with a flat-screen in his cell…

He has purchased a flat-screen television for his own private cell and now has access to over 60 cable TV channels, including one that broadcasts Dexter reruns and new episodes, according to sources familiar with the prison and the inmate’s movements.

Oh. But they’re probably exaggerating the copycat aspect of this, right? I mean, it’s not like he had a “kill room” or anything…

In 2011, a jury found he murdered Johnny Altinger, a former White Rock, B.C., resident, in a “kill room” modelled on the Dexter series. Another man, Gilles Tetreault, was also lured in the same way as Altinger, but managed to flee. A hit list of more intended victims was found on Twitchell’s computer at the time of his arrest.

Jeeeeeeeeeeeesus, Canada. How about you just give homeboy some Wings DVDs instead? Or, like, anything not directly related to serial killing. Literally anything. Night Court, Mad Men, Parks & Rec, whatever. Parks & Rec, especially. I mean, if this can’t rehabilitate a serial killer, nothing can.


I want more like this!

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