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By / 05.15.13

After eight seasons filled with so many red herrings that even Veena Sud probably hucked her remote at the television and screamed “JESUS CHRIST. ENOUGH” at some point, we finally met the titular matriarch of the Mosby family during Monday’s season finale of How I Met Your Mother. And now that we have that information, all that’s left is Barney and Robin’s wedding. Literally, all that’s left.

Series cocreator Carter Bays previously revealed that as HIMYM unspools its ninth and final season, viewers will become “much better” acquainted with Cristin Milioti’s bass-playing cutie – whom we first and briefly laid eyes on at the close of the Season 8 finale — as the show tells “the epic story of the longest wedding weekend ever.”

CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler has now confirmed for TVLine that Season 9′s entire run will, in fact, span the wedding weekend and just the wedding weekend, as the comedy details “how each character, before Ted, meets the mother. So, they each meet her independently before he does.” [TV Line]

I give the producers of How I Met Your Mother all the credit in the world for coming up with what appears to be a very creative and ambitious idea for the final season of their show, but unless Jack Bauer kicks down the door of the church, pulls a gun on one of Robin’s relatives, and demands information about a vial of nerve gas that was recently “stolen” from the chemical company he works at, I don’t know if I’m sold on stretching an entire season over such a short period of time. I guess we’ll see.

(That idea is a freebie, BTW.)


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