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An 8 Year-Old At Summer Camp Has Penned The Perfect ‘Sharknado’ Sequel Script

By 07.17.13


As we told you earlier, a Sharknado sequel is in the works. And while we respect and appreciate the literary talents of Sharknado scribe Thunder Levin, obviously, perhaps a new voice is needed to give the sequel a fresh perspective. In such, we’d like to nominate an 8 year-old child who would like to infuse any potential Sharknado 2 with squid/shark/alligator hybrids (YES!!!) as the perfect person for the job.

Last night a Redditor posted the script photo above along with the note, “My favorite part about teaching screenwriting at a summer camp is this script an 8-year-old just handed me.”

Wait, summer camps have screenwriting courses?! If I’d have known that I would have begged my parents to send me to one!!!

Regardless, here is another prodigy for you to enjoy…

(Via The Daily Dot)


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