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Kristen Chenoweth Performed A Song About Anthony Weiner Set To ‘Wicked’s’ ‘Popular.’ Wait, What?

By / 07.31.13

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Well, this was certainly bizarre. The Tonight Show With Jay Leno was plodding along with another phoned in episode when things took a turn for the WTF.

The musical guest was Kristen Chenoweth and while you may know her from her television and movie career, she originally was well-known for her Broadway role in Wicked. So, for no reason whatsoever, she rehashed the old stage chops to sing about Anthony Weiner. It was…weird.

If you ever wanted the words to “Popular” changed to “they’ll think you’re a monk, though they’ve seen your junk” then this is the video for you. Also, if you like being confused then this works too. Oh, hell, just watch the damn thing.

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